Love to Hear Again Audiology

Love to Hear Again Audiology

Rather than pushing a sale, we explore options like adjusting device programming & fixing broken parts on your current devices BEFORE recommending new technology options. We also offer nutritional & lifestyle counseling regarding your hearing, balance, and tinnitus symptoms.

“We are proud to be contracted with TriWest to fit Veterans with hearing aids!


***Our services include, but are not limited to:

-Online Appointment Scheduling
-TeleHealth Consultations
-Remote/TeleCare Hearing Aid Programming
-Ear Cleaning
-Hearing Screening & Testing
-Video Otoscopy
-Pure Tones
-Speech Understanding
-Cochlear Implant & Bone Implant Assessments
-Tinnitus Solutions
-Hearing Device Consultation, Fitting & Services
-Custom Ear Products
-Cochlear Implant Services
-Bone-conduction Device Solutions and Implant Services

Love To Hear Again Overview