Informational Workshops

Watch helpful videos relating to medical, safety, health and wellness, and insurance topics.

Chronic Disease & Conditions

Neurosciences Medical Panel

Presented by Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital HEB

Chronic Disease & Conditions

Signs of Alzheimer’s

Presented by the Alzheimer’s Association


Securing Your Medications

Presented by the Drug Enforcement Administration


Elder Abuse Awareness

Presented by The Tarrant County District Attorney


Seniors Under Attack! Elder Financial Fraud - The Victims

Senior citizens in Tarrant County are under attack. Con artists are busy using a variety of schemes to steal money, pensions, homes, and belongings from trusting seniors. That’s why Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson created the Elder Financial Fraud prosecution team in 2017. This video explains the threat of Elder Financial Fraud and how the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the perpetrators, putting them in prison, and seeking restitution for the victims.


Elder Financial Fraud - Part 2 - The Perpetrators

Financial crimes against older people have reached epidemic proportions in Tarrant County. That is the reason Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson created the Elder Financial Fraud Unit (EFF) in 2017, to find justice for some of the most vulnerable victims across our county. Our second video about Elder Financial Fraud identifies the perpetrators of these theft schemes. Who they are and how they do it may surprise you.


Crime Victim's Rights Week - Bill of Rights

Crime Victims Rights Week (April 24–30) Victims of violent crime often say they feel helpless, hurt, and powerless. To help alleviate this, Texas lawmakers have established substantial rights for victims of violent crimes. The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has led the State for the past four decades in defining and delivering those rights. One of those rights may be the most powerful tool in a victim’s search for justice.


Improving Balance

Presented by JPS Health Network


Health Promotion and Wellness for the Elderly

What can be done to empower the elderly and disabled? Things to help lead a satisfying life.