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CrossCity Church
1000 Airport Freeway
Euless, Texas 76039

Phone: 817.267.3313

Email: info@crosscity.church

Website: https://crosscity.church/


Who We Are

As you explore Cross City Church, you’ll notice several things: Our people are caring and genuine. Our goal is to lead all people to follow Jesus. We’re all about real people finding real hope and experiencing real life in Christ. Read more about our mission and vision. Along with these, you’ll also find several distinct qualities that not only describe us but are important to us as well. They are a part of who we are and are evident in what we do.


Cross City Church is unwavering in our belief that the Bible is God’s Word to us. The Scriptures have time and time again been proven truthful, relevant, and trustworthy. You’ll find a commitment to solid text-driven preaching and teaching at Cross City Church, as well as a dedicated approach to bringing the next generation up in the Word of God. Every small group we have begins and focuses on God’s Word for our lives, unapologetically. Come and experience it for yourself.


Cross City is all about the communities around us! We’re involved in launching and leading out through 6 Stones Mission Network (serving those in need), Mid Cities Women’s Clinic (ministering to young women and families), and we’re in seven area public elementary schools conducting Kids Beach Clubs. We are saturating our community with the Gospel, and there are dozens of ways you can serve with us.


Cross City Church is intergenerational and multi-ethnic. Every Sunday across our five venues, there are at least 40 different nationalities represented, as well as people from every generation. At each of those venues (Traditional, International, Español, Contemporary, and North), one can experience the same message/text preached. Each venue is unified and offers unique qualities that help us reach more people. Diversity thrives at Cross City, and everyone is welcome here! When we all come together, it looks a lot like heaven.


The history of Cross City Church spans multiple generations (116 years) and involves countless stories of dedication to the Gospel, as well as care for our community and world. From our early beginnings as First Baptist Church Euless through location and name changes, we’ve been a committed group of followers of Christ who want to lead others to the same dedication. Over the years, we’ve invested many millions into reaching the world for Christ. And now, in 2020, we’re making a new commitment to the DFW area through our “Generations Project.”


The people of Cross City value real relationships, and we strive to be authentic, honest, and genuine. We know that we’re not perfect, and we don’t expect anyone else to be. We live, we learn from each other, and we pursue the real life Christ offers. That authenticity is evident from the moment you walk in, but it’s best experienced in our Connection Groups (small groups). They help you get to know others and live in community on an ongoing basis.

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